Because your attraction deserves a medallion

by JLK International Marketing, LLC

Medallion Vending Fun Flyer

Medallion Vending Fun works on a profit sharing base; several split opportunities are available. You can become a full service location, where the money management, machine stock, etc is done by your attraction, or we can provide all service and you just sit back and enjoy the cash come in! Regardless what split is chosen, we provide the machine, graphics, medallions, without any investment needed from you whatsoever. Together we come up with designs to put on the machine and medallions.

Generally we see that 1% - 3% of the attraction's visitors buy 1 or 2 medallions. With prices starting at $3.00 retail per medallion this is no penny business. Some machines realize sales of $60,000.00 or more a year

Our machines can hold upto 6 different medallions. The machine's foot print is less than 2 square feet, and work on your standard outlet. The machines are made for inside as well as outside locations, and can withstand though weather conditions. Also, Medallion Vending Fun machines can come with a credit card reader, which increases medallion sales. We have seen sales increases of 30% - 40% after installing a credit card reader.

The medallions are minted in the highest quality available, together with our in house designer specialized in medallion designs, they are a unique and valuable souvenir for any attraction.