Because your attraction deserves a medallion

by JLK International Marketing, LLC

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Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN has four Medallion Vending Fun Machines. Two machines reside in the River Journey, the other two in the Ocean Journey. In addition, both giftshops sell the Medallion Vending Fun medallions at the counter. You can also buy them online at their online gift shop. Because the Tennessee Aquarium is celebrating their 20 year existence a special gold medallion has been created for this occasion. The gold medallion can also be purchased at their onlin gift shop. All Tennessee Aquarium Medallion Vending Machines are equiped with a credit card reader.

Tennessee Aquarium Logo Medallion Vending Fun Medallion
Medallion Vending Fun Seahorse Machine River Journey

Located in the Seahorse Gallery down in the basement of the River Journey is the Seahorse Gallery Medallion Vending Machine.

At the 3rd floor in the Discovery, past the touch tank you will find the Otter Medallion Vending Machine.

Medallion Vending Fun Otter Machine River Journey
Medallion Vending Fun Shark2 Machine Ocean Journey

Next to the Shark Tank, where the Aquarium divers do their show, the 3rd Medallion Vending Machine is Positioned to the left of the main window.

Going down past the Shark Tank on the pathway the final machine is placed halfway your final decend.

Medallion Vending Fun Shark1 Machine Ocean Journey